Optical illusion hit usersThe Internet

There is a lot of wonder in this world, and much of it is ours.
imperfect mind simply refuses to understand. Among such
puzzles all sorts of optical illusions that seem just
fiction, although in reality such a “joke” with our
consciousness itself plays the imperfection of our perception of this
of the world.

It is on the basis of such illusiveness that a new “focus” is built.
Japanese psychologist Akioshi Kitaoka, who published this
funny video that has become not just viral, but even, according to
some users literally “blew up” their minds.

At first glance, the focus is very simple. On a sheet of paper with
depicting a black and white gradient, the scientist puts a small
square is gray and starts to move it left-right, then
There is a transfer to black, then to the white area.

Depending on the background, the human mind perceives gray
like a square “alive”, sporobnym independently change their
Colour. The psychologist Kitaoka himself explains it very simply: the color is gray
the pieces of paper don’t really change, but the human
perception of its color depending on the changing background. I.e
the human mind interprets colors like this “illusory”
proves only one thing – to deceive human perception very
simply. It is on this that many magic tricks of illusionists are built.

But not only. According to the Japanese scientist, we constantly live
in certain illusions, because we see, hear, feel
the world around us through our generally imperfect organs
feelings And the world itself can be anything at all, but … we are not
given to know …

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