Orange lights over Arizonaby land

An American traveler who recently went hiking
mountains, photographed something strange during his walk.
A resident of Sedona in Arizona tells what he saw on
against the cliffs are two large bright lights glowing orange.

Stunned by what he saw, an eyewitness pulled out his mobile phone and
filmed unidentified flying objects in the photo, after which those are just
evaporated in the air. Now the man is very sorry that not
guessed to capture the mysterious UFO on the video, but in
the moment of observation of anomalies, he was so taken aback that with difficulty
I thought of taking a picture of them and, thank God, managed to do it.

Famous ufologist Scott Waring, interested in data
material, said that in the mountains there must be an entrance to
underground base of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization where there is
a great many “flying saucers”. Taiwanese researcher
также предполагает, что над by land тогда могло находиться огромное
an aircraft that was virtually invisible. Only his lights
they were available to the human eye and the camera lens.

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