Orangutan tried to attack the bulldozer, defendingnative forest

International Animal Protection Organization “International Animal
Rescue “published heartbreaking footage shot in Indonesian
parts of the island of Kalimantan. Sad video demonstrates orangutan,
caught in the midst of intense rainforest deforestation.

Unhappy animal escapes from people and technology on the trunk
fallen tree At some point, the primate approaches
working excavator and strikes him with his paw, as if desperately
trying to stop the activities of lumberjacks. After that, the orangutan
goes down to the ground and seems to be hiding from people.

Animal advocates are confident that primate is unsuccessfully
tried to resist the habitat that was destroying it.
Some netizens believe that representatives
�”International Animal Rescue” somewhat dramatizes what happened,
however, even such commentators recognize the monstrous neglect
people to animals.

According to zoodefenders, the orangutan was wounded, and they saved
him, transporting later to a safe place. The video was
made public in order to draw the attention of the world community to
the problem of the uncontrolled destruction of forests leading to a dramatic
reducing the population of rare species of animals, however, and plants

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