Otherworldly human figures in the churchaccidentally hit the video

Observant users of the popular video hosting “YouTube”
unexpectedly considered something unusual on a random clip,
uploaded to the site on October 20 this year.

The following entry shows at 17:45
The Church of Archangel Michael in the English village of Princetown with empty
seemingly benches. However, in reality this was by no means
not this way.

Attentive commentators are surprised to report that in the left and
right the rows of pews were two incomprehensible clots
air, which had vague human outlines. Confuse these
mysterious silhouettes with anything else are decidedly impossible. Is it really
in a religious building sat a pair of ghosts? Many regulars
Networks are convinced that yes.

The Briton who shot this video is reviewing cameras and
other gadgets. According to the man, when he read in
comments about these anomalies, it turned out to be amazed no less
viewers. However, many YouTube users tend to believe
that the operator processed the video in the editor and specifically waited,
until others notice his mystification.

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