Out of 117 over ninety danion’s predictionsBrinkley has already come true

Dannion Brinkley was never a visionary or a prophet. Just in
In 1975, he was struck by lightning – and he miraculously turned out to be alive, having survived
clinical death. It is during this “death” that he falls into
the higher layers of Being, where he was shown not only his past
acts, but also the future of mankind, at least – the near

In 1994, Brinkley finished writing and published his book.
�“Saved by the Light”, in which he described everything that happened to him during
clinical death time. We omit his visions of his past life and
Immediately fast forward to the crystal city, where he was met by higher
entities that personify the lightest characteristics of a person
for example, love, gratitude, dedication and so on. Exactly
they showed Brinkley what awaits our civilization at the turn

As Dannion writes in his book, he saw 117 different
scenes arranged in ordered boxes. He was shown
election of American presidents, the Chernobyl accident and
Japanese nuclear power plant Fukushima-1, the collapse of the USSR, the Gulf War,
a wave of immigrants that swept over Europe, and much more. On
today, according to study experts
Brinkley predictions, 95 of the 117 events described in his
revelation, already occurred.

So now, referring to the book “Saved by the Light”,
researchers are most carefully studying the scenes from the last
the boxes described by Brinkley. According to him, he seemed to be moving
on various points of the planet, watching numerous wars on
Earth, floods in some of its places and drought in others, huge
disasters that people endure

At the same time, the Higher Forces assured him that the souls of people consciously
descended to earth so that through suffering and
numerous obstacles that shape a bright future by fulfilling
the great mission entrusted to mankind by God.

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