Over America and Canada noticed amazing�”flying saucers”

Last week and this week they noticed in the skies over the USA and Canada
загадочные �”flying saucers” и, самое главное, зафиксировали их на

Ufologists suggest that the appearance of these UFOs may be somehow
connected with each other despite the fact that the aircraft appeared
in different places and looked different. Of course talk about
full-fledged invasion is still early, but lately
the alleged alien ships began to appear over the North
America suspiciously often. Maybe it was served by a rocket attack.
Hawaii, which the aliens, for sure, had foreseen? ..

The first unidentified flying object appeared on Friday, 12
January, over the American city of Orlando in the state of Florida. It was
almost classic “flying saucer” of the disc-shaped form and
non-shiny metallic color. Witness who wished to stay
anonymous and three times photographed UFO, noticed on it
rectangular porthole with two humanoid creatures inside.
According to the author of the images, the aliens telepathically communicated with him,
however, what they said to an American, he prefers not to retell
the general public. It remains to hope that the words of the guests with
other planets were encouraging.

The second observation took place on January 15 over the Canadian Cornwall.
in the province of Ontario. A local resident and his children were near
at home and photographed the sky. Suddenly they noticed amid
the moon disk is a striking UFO, similar to the legendary Black
knight Surprised Canadian immediately photographed anomaly
in the sky. A man does not know what it was: alien spaceship,
secret development of the military or something from a parallel dimension.
The eyewitness regrets only that he did not think of setting up the device for
shoot a video and capture the outlandish aircraft on
quality video.

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