Over America the bloody moon has risen – badsign

An unexpected blood red moon was observed the other day in some
states of America – Missouri, Michigan, Washington, Oregon, New York,
Kansas. After the great American eclipse such an event
It seems to many researchers not only strange, but also prophetic,
does not bode well for the United States.

Believers Americans (from among Christians) this event made
recall the biblical words about the occurrence of the Apocalypse.

Acts 2:20:

The sun will turn into darkness and the moon into blood before
a momentous day will come …

By the way, the blood-red moon is not such a rare astronomical
phenomenon. But here’s the catch – it’s predictable. But if we
Let us turn to the table of “bloody moons” posted on the NASA website, then
we can trace by years and months when it should be in heaven.
This month, the bloody forerunner of the Apocalypse is no one clearly

Israeli news channel Breaking Israel News even before
The great American eclipse of the Sun recalled the famous in their
the country of the mystic Moshe ben Yisrael Benyami, who lived in the nineteenth
the century that foresaw this event.

But this is not the case, but the fact that the Israeli clairvoyant
then said that after the eclipse in America will begin terrible
hurricanes, millions of people will suffer. Previously, journalists believed that
the mystic means “storms in the world economy and politics”, but
Suddenly the cyclone Harvey collapsed on the USA, and literally in four
day after the eclipse of the sun. Now America is approaching even more
the terrible hurricane IRMA, which has already reached the highest fifth category
forces and ready to wipe out from the face of the Earth Florida, New Jersey and … it is difficult even
say something else.

Texas tragedy because of hurricane Harvey predicted (and with
Accurate to the day when it begins) and American clairvoyant
Diana Pulliam, which leads its block, which publishes information about
their ecstatic visions.

Here is what she writes now:

I saw one giant wave come, and behind it
another came, even more terrible …

Another clairvoyant John Fenn, leading on YouTube video hosting
its channel, warns the Americans about the two strongest hurricanes and
successively three terrible earthquakes that
will cause colossal destruction and a complete collapse of rescuers

So the Great Solar Eclipse, and now the unexpected
кровавая Луна над штатами Америки — действительно плохие signи!
Maybe Americans should have listened to Navajo Indian shamans,
who warned that to look at a solar eclipse – to
great woes and catastrophes …

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