Over Canada, a “Crash in the Matrix” was noticed, or�”Heavenly crack”

March 19 this year, residents of Kelowna in the far west of Canada
witnessed a surprising phenomenon. During sunset over
the city suddenly formed a mysterious line of light,
separating the sunlit part of the sky from the twilight part. Can
it was thought that it was not a reality, but a computer game, where
A crash occurred in the background textures.

Astonished eyewitnesses felt that some incomprehensible
supernatural force divided the sky into two halves,
strikingly different from each other. Presented a couple of shots
Anomaly was obtained by a local resident Terry Knox. Being caught
in the world wide web, mysterious photos immediately chained
attention of specialists and simple avid on wonders

Some commentators immediately felt that there was a failure in the Matrix,
and now we must understand for sure that we are living in an illusion. According to
others, the culprit features of the hilly terrain, thanks
which the light of the setting sun only partially penetrated from there.
The third regulars of the Network have suggested that it is a question of
spatial portal, since in recent years conspiracy therapists and
researchers paranormalschiny talk about them more often.

If you believe the fourth, then this is a miracle of religious persuasion, which,
perhaps foreshadows the end of the world. There were also extremely skeptical
commentators who said that we have the result
camera malfunction or even photomontage. Canadians in response to this
It is said that the phenomenon was observed by hundreds of residents of Kelowna, that is,
what kind of mystification is out of the question. However, as well as about
natural “separation” due to the hilly terrain,
since in this case, this phenomenon would have been long trivial. AT
In this case, he literally hit and even scared the local
residents …

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