Over Canada, filmed a strange disc-shaped�”Recess” in the clouds

Canadian resident flying from his native country to the United States has become an accident
witnessed a very unusual phenomenon and hurried to capture it on
snapshot. Flying over the province of Quebec, the man looked at
airliner porthole and was surprised to find among the boundless
clouds mysterious “recess” perfectly round shape.

Many reputable ufologists on the world wide web, looking at
Canadian photos, admitted that they had never seen such
anomalies. Incomprehensible circles are sometimes noticed at the bottom of the clouds, however
they are never “extruded” in the cloud layer, representing
by itself, separate accumulations of condensate water

Well-known Taiwanese specialist Scott Waring, who familiarized himself with
this news, calculated that the diameter of the mysterious “recess”
was almost a kilometer away. Ufologist convinced that at the time of shooting there
there was a huge aircraft of representatives of extraterrestrial
civilization hidden from human eyes by
high-tech invisible camouflage.

However, an occasional eyewitness flying nearby on
plane, could not, say, not to notice the place in the clouds, which
was driven out by a giant flying saucer. At least,
no other explanation of what happened
alternative researchers, not even hardened skeptics.

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