Over China, something was flying in the dark sky andmysteriously winked at the lights

In the social network of China Weibo appeared a few
videos about the same strange phenomenon: above the city
Chongqing, which is located in southwestern China, in the evening
something strange appeared in the sky that flew and winked
three and then two lights.

Flickering lights that belonged obviously moving across the sky
an object which, due to darkness, was no longer visible (as
do not take video), attracted the attention of many citizens who
started shooting this miracle on video, and then posting
videos in the social network with the same question – what is it?

Neither ufologists nor scientists of the PRC have yet given this UFO an explanation.
Internet users began to build all sorts of guesses,
divided into those who saw some material in these lights
object, and those who considered all this a natural phenomenon or even

For example, most Chinese chose to believe that across the sky
the alien reconnaissance vehicle was flying, since apparently they were very
I wanted just such a “miracle”.

True, the well-known blogger Steed’s scarf in China
almost a five million army of subscribers, assured their fans,
that he had already seen such a phenomenon in the sky and not once, for example,
most recently in Shanghai. This, according to a specialist, is only
reflection in the clouds navigating lights landing
passenger liner.

Despite the enormous prestige of Steed’s scarf in China, they believed
this “boring” theory is not all his compatriots, and when
the video appeared on the world wide web, then Western ufologists and
completely ridiculed her. First, for some reason, the previous “landing approaches
Airplanes “didn’t arouse surprise and desire among any of the Chinese
shoot it on video – there’s obviously something wrong. And secondly, why
Chongqing Jiangbei Airport employees did not confirm the version
self-confident blogger? ..

Therefore, we watch the video and build our own – guesses. For more
this video is clearly not enough …

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