Over London, flew UFO with Nibiru?

On September 23, we were frightened by the next end of the world, however
did not take place. The mysterious planet Nibiru, which, according to many
specialists, every 3,600 years a revolution around the Sun never
close to Earth.

Despite this, one of the residents of the British capital claims
that on the night of September 23, aliens from the Planet could visit Earth
X. Stephen St. Catherine even managed to capture the “green
people “on video. Here is what an eyewitness writes:

I live in northwestern London. At about two
one o’clock in the morning I went out to smoke on the balcony and suddenly noticed over
ground landing UFO. It was just amazing, I’ve never seen
in life nothing like that. Confess when i saw pulsating
light, I first thought it was Nibiru, and we all end. No wonder
we were frightened on the eve of this mysterious planet and the end of the world,
which she allegedly brings. But then a second appeared in the sky.
shining ball, and it became clear to me that this is just a UFO. Although,
perhaps they were aliens from Nibiru, which everyone is so afraid of.
Arrived, for example, to reassure us. And why

The video below has gathered a lot of skepticism.
comments. Doubters write that these were no
�Flying saucers, and airplanes, helicopters, space junk or
Chinese lanterns. However, the author of the video is adamant in his
opinion that he was lucky to fix on record
unidentified flying objects that arrived to us from the depths of space.
However, in the altercation with the materialists of St. Catherine to enter not
going as everyone is free to have their own opinion.

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