Over Mexico captured translucent�”Flying saucer”

One of the residents of the Mexican city of Villa de Alvarez in
the state of Colima was lucky to capture the camera on mobile
phone is something strange in the sky. It happened in the past.
Sunday, February 11th. The author of the video below.
says that she came back in the evening from work and looked at
blue cloudless sky. However, one cloud was still there,
as the woman first thought. However, after looking closely,
she was surprised to understand that this is far from a cloud, but it soars above
translucent “flying saucer” perfectly shaped.

Mexican, whose name is Alissa, is convinced that it could not be
balloon, kite, drone or meteorological probe.
An eyewitness claims that an unidentified flying object had
enormous size and issued some strange vibrations that, to
Unfortunately, it was not possible to catch the video. Judging by
comments of people standing near Alissa, “flying saucer”
very interested and other passers-by.

It is reported that the alleged alien ship was moving towards
north, towards the volcano Colima, then turned to
northeast and began to climb. As a result, the object disappeared high
in the sky. Ufologists suggest that a UFO could use some
�”Cloudy” camouflage to achieve partial or complete
invisibility. In any case, the residents, and in particular Alissa, were lucky
that they were able to distinguish this “something” from the ordinary cloud. Yes, and
shoot it on video …

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