Over millions of years since the time of dinosaurs, Earth has becometwice as much

Scientists still do not really know the reason why in their
time, the dinosaurs that existed on Earth tens of millions
years, compared to what, our civilization only a few seconds on
clock dial of the history of the planet.

Aleksey Reteyum, Professor of Geography
Faculty of Moscow State University, recently expressed his theory of extinction
ancient animals that once dominated our planet. By his
Earth is simply expanding, becoming not only larger, but
colder For this reason, its gravity is changing, and all this together
changes her animal and plant world. Almost unchanged in this
only some species of insects remain, and
relatively …

According to the professor, from the period when the land roamed
dinosaurs, the Earth has become almost doubled. Special
the intense process of expanding the planet began to occur, starting
somewhere from 700 thousand years ago.

Earth, the scientist continues, and today is expanding rapidly,
why we observe all sorts of disasters, and especially – change
climate. However, despite all sorts of greenhouse theories
periods, our planet is getting more and more cold, and not
hot: expanding, it continues to cool.

In the form of evidence of his theory, the professor cites data
gravimeter installed in Strasbourg since 1996, fixing with
At that time, a constant increase in gravity on the planet.
The change in the gravity of the Earth is confirmed by other stations in Europe and
Asia, the data of many laboratories and individual researchers of this
process. Indirect evidence of this can be
fixed removal of continents from each other, for example, Asia and
North America.

There are other scientific evidence of the expansion of our planet,
let’s say the north pole shift towards the hudson
Gulf and so on. That is, the Earth is growing, and this growth is simply not
may not affect all living things that are on the surface and
even in the deep sea of ​​the planet. Although on its surface these
changes are more noticeable and the consequences here will be more
significant in the near future …

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