Over Sochi noticed a strange light

There are two mysterious snapshots in Russian social networks,
made the other day in Sochi. In both photos taken during
sunset, noticed a strange sphere of lemon color.

The anomaly that appeared in the sky resembles a wrong light,
not an unidentified flying object of impressive size. Eyewitnesses
claim that the mysterious ball briefly hung over the city, and
then swiftly flew to the side and soon disappeared from view.

Many skeptics believe that this was a lens flare.
camera, but this theory immediately disappears, because
images were taken by different people from different points.
The representative of the local Emergency Department Yuri Tkachenko suggests that
the Sochi residents took the moon for the anomaly. Perhaps due to some atmospheric
phenomena natural satellite of the Earth suddenly changed its color. And then
took and … flew away? ..

Finally, there are such Fomas as non-believers who are convinced
that this is the most common photo montage, although local journalists
claim that a strange celestial phenomenon was observed and filmed on
Cameras many residents and guests of Sochi. However, watch the video and
judge for yourself…

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