Over Southern California UFO dropped troops

The video below shows an unidentified flying
object shot over southern california usa. It is noteworthy that
the alien ship at some point obviously drops landing.

Landing thing with great speed is removed in
opposite direction from UFOs may suggest
Internet users, this is some kind of observant apparatus, but
it is possible that the aliens just fired a shot, say, by
pursuing their ship other aliens. We don’t even really
We know how several extraterrestrial races live on our planet. Who
knows, what if they wage war among themselves, or at least
constantly face in military conflicts.

Unfortunately, videos of explicit conflict fights of aliens in
There is practically no Internet, but eyewitness accounts, especially from
there are military numbers, so it is quite possible that over the South
In California, we see a fragment of the flight of one UFO from another.
Sorry for the author, who remained unknown, could not remove more
expanded video. True, thanks to that.

Perhaps this is a fake write skeptics, but even in this case
it is clear that aliens have such capabilities and such
the weapons that we have for them are ants who are wiped out
worthless. Hence we can conclude that such plans have
there are no aliens, they are just watching us as we study
animals in zoos or, say, in reserves.

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