Over supervolcano Yellowstone is seen again.UFO

UFO в виде яркого белого шара, что пролетел на днях над
Supervolcano Yellowstone in the United States, many analysts felt bad
a sign that indicates that the magma of this “monster” may
again activated and is about to break out.

Unidentified flying object recorded (note, not the first
fold) a surveillance camera installed in a national park and
this gave a reason not only to specialists, but also to ufologists, conspiracy therapists
and so on to build all sorts of guesses. For example,
officially-scientific version of this has not suffered – though the volcano
critical condition, but to know when its eruption will occur,
no one is given, it is possible that this will happen only through
a thousand years, or even later. Правда, ученые-ортодоксы и в UFO «не
believe “, it will be more accurate to say, they pretend that over Yellowstone
Park no devices fly.

Ufologists, in turn, believe that aliens also
concerned about the increased danger of supervolcano, and therefore intently
watch him maybe even do something to prevent
its eruption – we simply do not know. For this reason their
appearance over the volcano can be interpreted in different ways: and how
alarming sign, and how good.

Conspiracy theorists make their predictions, in their opinion, the world elite,
which is associated with the most aggressive aliens – reptiloids,
may well be plotting a planetary catastrophe for earthlings, and therefore
появление UFO над супервулканом Йеллоустоун ничего хорошего не

Recall that the US authorities offer various options.
�”Pacification” of the volcano — the giant until it was blown up by
nuclear charge. However, none of the proposed methods as
Experts believe volcanologists can not be called safe, but
therefore, in this case it is optimal to simply do nothing — wait.
So far, and do not. It is for this reason that the global community
probably does not connect to the solution of this issue, although in the case
supervolcano explosion, the consequences of it can be much more
serious and not only the United States will suffer from this disaster, but also
the whole world.

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