Over the city of Strangnes Sweden recordedUFO teleportation

Strange behavior of luminous objects in the darkening evening sky
over the city of Strangnes attracted the attention of the Swedes, which is why soon
entry in this abnormal phenomenon appeared in the open spaces
The internet.

A UFO group appeared in the sky as if from nowhere, and also
completely disappeared after some time. Ufologists who studied the record
demonstrating this “miracle”, came to the conclusion that, most likely, this
there were aliens who teleported from another
measurements – and there after some time left.

It remains a mystery why they appeared in our world, and on
so short a moment? True, time is a relative concept, and
maybe aliens can control it, which is enough for them
�”Moments” to perform some tasks, which instantly
it seems only to us.

Skeptics, of course, have their own opinion on what is happening. By their
opinion, it was just some kind of military experiments.

In neither case do we know the truth anyway.
We can, independent researchers fended on it, however
consider that we live with you in a difficult time, on the eve of some
grand planetary changes or even catastrophes. therefore
the emergence of a UFO, which, you see, has become just a lot,
it seems to be a much more plausible phenomenon of our life than
military trials.

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