Over the Dragon ship during docking with the ISSflashed a red UFO

The indefatigable ufologist George Graham (Streetcap1) simply could not
skip the docking of the Dragon cargo ship from the International
space station. And on this he had very weighty ones.
the reasons.

Firstly, this is an extraordinary case for the Earth, which should
attract aliens. Second, NASA staff during docking
just dare not turn off the camera if even near the ISS happened
would be something extraordinary.

So it turned out. Docking attracted, apparently, many
�”Inhabitants of space”, on the video presented by George are noticeable
strange flashes (white and blue) that the MKS camera catches.
However, the most remarkable moment was the “red dragon” – a UFO in
as an oblong flash of orange above the Dragon ship.
�Graham called him the “Red Dragon” because this UFO is
Actually it resembles a fire-breathing fairy-tale lizard.

The video interested many Internet users, although not
all agree with the author, some felt that the red anomaly
none other than the beam of a laser radar designed to determine in
space, the distance to the joining facility with great accuracy.
It is this radar that the ISS astronauts apparently used.

NASA continues to turn off the camera MKS after the appearance of UFO

Supporters of the myrrh conspiracy theory again came up with
accusing NASA employees of not allowing earthlings
watch the UFOs flying near the International Space

Only in the past month of such cases recorded at least
two, although perhaps the cameras of the ISS were turned off and more often, just not all
ufologists have time to shut down to write down a compromising NASA
material otherwise blaming the US space agency is not
makes sense.

On the occasional shutdown of the cameras says, for example, ufologist Toby
Lund, the same George Graham and many others who are confident that
This position of the NASA leadership does not add to the American
agency authority, but it only attracts users
Internet to ufological topics and serves as an indirect
proof that the aliens really are. Maybe
NASA, on the contrary, in such a way wants to attract to this topic
as many people as possible? ..

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