Over the evening Yakutia filmed “flyinga plate

On the popular video hosting “YouTube” appeared mysterious
A recording depicting a strange glowing ball in the evening sky.
It is known that the video was filmed by the driver of the car, traveling by
Namtsyrskaya highway in Yakutia.

An unidentified flying object, radiating a strange glow, immediately
riveted the attention of the motorist. The man even stopped to
лучше запечатлеть предполагаемую «летающую a plate на камеру
your phone.

Mysterious aircraft, how can you contemplate
the video below, crossed the forest and out of sight, not
making any sounds.

Some netizens have suggested that it could be
not a spaceship of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization.
Nearby are just the airport “Yakutsk”, as well as
enterprises “Air Navigation of North-Eastern Siberia” and “Airports
North. According to skeptics, any of these companies could
launch a drone for seasonal aerial photography
works However, despite such a plausible argument,
A lot of World Wide Web patrons think it’s still
was the “flying saucer” of the aliens.

Recall that Russia is not even among the top ten countries where
the largest number of UFO sightings is recorded. Three leaders in
This ranking includes the USA, Canada and Australia. According to
Russian ufologists, the fault of Russians is officially to blame
declare their observations of unidentified flying objects.
Perhaps the “flying saucers” simply do not produce in Russian
a man of such a great impression as on the same Americans.
Well, aliens are flying, and let them fly – what’s the big deal
supernatural? ..

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