Over the Niagara Falls flashed “flyingplate”

Niagara Falls, separating the Canadian province of Ontario from
the American state of New York, is now the center of attention,
when it turned out that last Sunday, March 25, was above him
captured the “flying saucer”. Witnesses appearing
The alleged alien aircraft has become somewhat
tourists filming the local landscape on video. Record on which
accidentally captured an unidentified flying object, hit the
spaces of the service “YouTube”.

By turning on the video shown below, you can see how
a mysterious white ball flying through the waterfall moving towards
to the state of new york. Its size, according to experts,
must be quite impressive. Doubt, of course,
claim that it is a bird or insect, but ufologists do not
agree with skeptics and believe that in the camera lens of a tourist
got something amazing, clearly beyond the ordinary.

It is worth noting that UFOs are often fixed above
Niagara Falls: Not a year goes by without
captured some anomaly in the sky. Some believe that powerful
waterfall, which is the world record holder in terms of volume
fresh water attracts unidentified flying objects
energy. Others are sure that they are somewhere nearby (or maybe even
the waterfall itself) is a secret base of representatives
extraterrestrial civilization.

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