Over the Niagara Falls held a cable carthe road

This summer, tourists who decide to see Niagara Falls,
may experience an exciting flight over this crashing into the abyss
huge mass of water. Wild Play Element Manual Installed
four lines of a unique cableway above the roaring and raging
the waters of Niagara.

Now the most courageous tourists will be able to increase adrenaline in
blood, a ride at a 70-meter height above the waterfall – with
speed of about 65 kilometers per hour.

The attraction in its exciting flight is comparable unless
with skydiving. And although such a cable flight will last
only half a minute, in these thirty seconds you can experience not only
fear of heights, but also see inaccessible to the common man
the beauty of this magnificent natural view from the height of a bird

Rope attraction starts from the observation deck Grand
View Marketplace. It is here that brave souls buy tickets,
are fastened to the cables and sent to the fleeting, but so
shrill air travel that ends in a building
energy company, which stands near the waterfall Horseshoe.

The cable car is already open and will operate until October.
The price of an air flight is only 50 dollars.

Niagara, as they call this most famous waterfall of the North
America has long become a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.
It is located simultaneously in the USA and Canada, sharing the latter from
American state of New York. On both sides of the waterfall in its
time grew cities, by the way, with the same names – Niagara
waterfall (Niagara Falls). By the way, let’s say that the name itself
the waterfall comes from the Native American word (the language of the Iroquois tribe) and
means “dividing in half,” but the Americans themselves translate
its more poetic – “booming water”.

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