Over the night Syzran captured the mysteriousflash

Residents of Russian Syzran in the Samara region were amazed
a mysterious flash that lit up the dark sky on the evening of December 11th.
By including the video below, you can see this phenomenon
captured by two different DVRs. White and blue shine
over the city looks very unusual and even surrealistic, therefore
There is nothing surprising in the fact that syzrantsy immediately began to build
various bold theories.

According to some, the fault of the tricks of the aliens. Other
believe that a large meteorite entered the atmosphere, which, however
less, was successfully shot down by our military. Or again
aliens, as it was near Chelyabinsk. According to
to the assumptions of the third, the so-called “Matrix” failed, in
where humanity lives. The fourth claim that it was
religious sign, and the planet is expected to make big changes, rather
all, the Apocalypse …

The mysterious flash was so powerful that it was seen as in
the center of Syzran, and in the suburban forest, that is, it is clearly not
about fireworks or spotlights. Scientists have not yet expressed their
opinions on this matter, but residents of Syzran have no doubt that nothing
intelligible from official sources they will not hear.

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