Over the sea in Sochi formed a lottornadoes

In Sochi, the strongest weather is raging. Above the sea, on
официальным данным, образовалось не менее 9 tornadoes, однако
eyewitnesses claim that then they were joined by another 8
atmospheric eddies. Local authorities have declared an emergency storm
warning asking residents and visitors to exercise
caution. There are heavy rains accompanied by thunderstorms,
squally wind speeds of up to 25 meters per second, heavy hail and
debris flow.

Imposing funnels that appeared a few kilometers from
coast of the city, in earnest surprised holidaymakers. Sochi residents and
Visitors got their mobile phones and started to take pictures.
amazing natural phenomenon. Currently in RuNet you can
find lots of photos and videos of these whirlwinds. Witnesses
feared that the tornadoes would land, but most of the funnels
disappeared, never approaching the shore. Rescuers nevertheless
urge citizens to remain vigilant and in case of danger
use any available cover.

�”Something unimaginable is happening today with the weather on Earth”, –
say world climatologists. Over the past summer in Russia happened
several natural disasters, and not even without human
of victims In the United States, a record tropical cyclone “Harvey” is now raging,
colossal damage already inflicted on Americans
tens of billions of dollars. And this is a disaster of the American people.
going on. Famous Swiss professor Reto Knutti recently and
Altogether, over the next 3 years, the weather on our planet
will change drastically, and humanity will have difficulty
survive in new conditions. Like, all these hurricanes and floods today –
just the forerunner of this global catastrophe. Is it really
the predictions of the scientist who are silent about the world elite,
come true? ..

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