Over the “Zone 51” captured on the video strangelights

Probably, almost all of us are known to be shrouded in mystery.
�”Zone 51″ in southern Nevada, where the US military, according to
ufologists and conspiracy therapists conducted an autopsy
extraterrestrial civilization, and also developed the lethal apparatus on
based on alien technology. This is one of the most famous.
modern urban legends, since it has many
indirect evidence. And one of them was received literally on

Americans flying a passenger plane not far from
�”Zones 51″ were shocked and scared when they saw in the clouds under
собой необъяснимые мерцающие lights. Witnesses have developed
the impression that there were either three huge futuristic
Aircraft, or many smaller. Ufologists who have acquired
This valuable material from one of the witnesses reported that
the flight was made by a commercial flight from Wisconsin to
Los Angeles.

What is captured on video is difficult to say, but one thing is clear
say independent researchers that secret american
military base in Nevada once again confirmed its involvement in the
incredible technological developments, and possibly contacts with
aliens. By the way, according to conspiracy statements, this
the base is subject only to the CIA, and through it – directly
Deep state so washington may not even
guess what the development and what is happening on this
top secret training ground …

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