Overcoming the Atlantic Ocean in just fourminutes

Maybe someday people will learn how to overcome such
vast distances like the atlantic ocean between europe and
America in just a few minutes, and today’s flight over
Atlantic for four “moments” – is nothing more than a small
a nice gift to Internet users from the pilot of the airline company
British Airways by Dave Wallsworth.

Who among us does not know how tiring air travel to
vast distances, and this flight that formed the basis of the proposed
you a video between London Heathrow and the airport in
San Francisco is as much as 8615 kilometers, and
the flight takes about eleven hours. The thing is that in
during its almost nothing interesting behind the glass window
impossible to see – the monotonous sea of ​​tiresome clouds, and not

Even from the cockpit from which this survey was carried out,
view the eleven o’clock film “The Vast Sky and the Clouds Under
me “not everyone will be able to (but the pilots have to
do it all the time, understand now how difficult this job is,
even if you do not take into account its danger and responsibility?)

But Dave Wallsworth freed us from tedious monotony,
показав за четыре minutes только самое захватывающее: взлет в
Heathrow, some moments of magnificent paintings from a height (no, no, not
aerial flight of the Airbus A380 and finally landing in
San Francisco.

By the way, if the plane really flew only four of these,
без всякого преувеличения, прекрасные minutes, то ему потребовалось
would reach a speed of almost 130 thousand kilometers per hour. On such
the flying saucer is capable of fantastic speed
aliens, and even that … Rather, people come up with teleportation than
will invent aircraft with such incredible
speed characteristics. But the fact that it will be – by all means,
since any bright dream, including Dave Wallsworth,
must necessarily be fulfilled, even if it takes a thousand
years old…

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