Overly human-like robot puzzledweb users

The Internet is rapidly gaining popularity unusual
video, surprising, puzzling and even somewhat frightening
web users.

Mysterious video shows some way by which
the humanoid robot slowly strides. What is this humanoid
so the car was alerted by many viewers? The thing is that android
moves exactly like a person without giving out his
artificiality, except, of course, looks.

The so-called “sinister valley effect” immediately comes to mind.
This psychological hypothesis states that any object that
not a human being, but overly like him,
subconsciously cause us dislike, disgust and fear. By
For this reason, some Japanese and American experts in the field of
robotics are forced to specifically make their offspring less
anthropomorphic so that they are not perceived by people as living
creatures and did not strain others.

Alas, the exact origin of these frames is not yet known. If a
would an android be created by some large robotic
a company like Boston Dynamics, she probably wouldn’t have
hush up this fact and refuse such an effective viral
advertising. Is such an amazing car was built by some

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