Owl rode around town on Segway

Presented below is a whimsical movie distributed in
present moment on the world wide web demonstrates a small
owl driving along the street on a segway – electric
self-balancing two-wheeled vehicle. Such
�”Chariot” is often used to move around the cities
modern youth, but the feathered on the electric scooter is,
Of course, nonsense. But, as you can see, everything is possible in our
amazing world.

The exact location of the accident is unknown, however, judging by
Russian-speaking remarks surrounding, it happened somewhere on
the territory of the former USSR. Owl name is Fedya, and it is possible that
he does it professionally for the fun of the public. One of
present requests Fedya to drive up to him, and the bird, to the universal
astonishment, fulfills this request. One can only guess how
the owner managed to train his feathered pet.

Or is it not an owl, but some disguised alien
(aliens for a long time among us)? It speaks on the web and such
fantastic assumptions, however, only a joke, because
A funny owl on a segway touches and pleases more than it scares …

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