Oymyakon – pole of cold

This is the harshest place on our planet where people live
constantly. There are about five hundred of them in the Yakut village. Main occupation
The local population – cattle, reindeer herding and fishing.
In the summer, people go to the so-called. years for haymaking. In Oymyakon
There are all signs of civilization: there are cellular, Internet and
Airport, built during the war. There is a hospital, schools –
regular and musical, kindergarten, club, library, gym, bakery,
refueling and shop. By the way, the prices of products in Oymyakon are higher than
in the Russian capital: a loaf of bread, for example, costs 50 rubles.

Oimyakon’s standing cold chills to the bone

The village is located at an altitude of 741 meters above sea level. Winter in
Oimyakon Valley very cold air flows. And although the wind
there is no standing cold, as locals say, permeates

The lowest temperature in the village was noted in 1938:
—77.8 degrees Celsius. Meteorologists and scientists have long argued which
from the settlements of Yakutia more “cold” – Oymyakon or
Verkhoyansk. The latest data testify in favor of Oimyakon, where
absolute annual minima is 3.5 degrees lower.

The difference between winter and summer temperatures comes here to 104
degrees By the way, the highest summer temperature was
recorded in 2010: +34.6 degrees Celsius.

However, most of the year Oimyakon stands in the snow. Eternal Frost
does not allow people to dig graves properly, and everyone prays,
so that their loved ones did not die in winter.

The shortest day of December is three hours here; summer is
White nights, when day and night is light. This is the time of year in
turn, also has a significant temperature drop:
in the daytime, it can reach up to +30 degrees, and at night it can fall below

Kids in Oymyakon dress “cabbage”, leaving open
Only eyes. In this case, they can only walk on a sled, because
It is very difficult for children to walk in their “hundred clothes”. what
for schoolchildren, primary school students stay home when
temperature —52 degrees, and at —56 degrees the whole

The adult population of Oimyakon dresses in down jackets and fur coats, fur
hats and boots from deerskin. People have to hook two or three
pairs of pants, socks, tights. Rescues from frostbite
a hat covering the forehead and a scarf raised to the bridge of the nose. However,
There are cases when local beauties wore nylon
pantyhose at 50-degree frost and managed not to freeze.

For cars, villagers have heated garages; driver in front
departure for 10-15 minutes warms up the engine. If the garage
absent, the motor is not jammed at all. In the cabins
install additional stoves, and drive on the arctic
diesel fuel (diesel fuel and kerosene are mixed). Many drivers
personally make the pipe with which it is heated
fuel. Yakut truckers for months do not jam their engines

Nature and animals of Oimyakon

Oimyakon’s nature is beautiful and unique: there are streams here, not
freezing in the 70-degree frost, and frost not melting in
30-degree heat.

Of all the Oymakon animals, the winter cold can endure
only horses, dogs and, of course, reindeer. Cows from warm
barn produced at a temperature not lower than -30 degrees, while
udder they wear special warm bras. Cats in winter and
do not let out at all, and if any extremalka
jump out of the house itself – frostbite is guaranteed. what касается
dogs, they are taken on particularly cold days home or allowed into the garage.
All the rest of the time these animals spend on the street.

Today a lot of Russian tourists come to Oymyakon
travelers and foreigners. Local
attractions – preserved buildings Gulag
camps, a museum covered with mysteries and legends Lake Labynkyr and
Moltanskaya rock and, of course, the local frosts themselves. Every spring in
the village hosts a festival called “Oymyakon – the pole of the cold”, and
then here you can see a lot of Santa Clauses gathered
together from around the world.

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