Pacific depths continue to scare scientistsmysterious sounds

Despite the fact that for the first time these mysterious sounds from the depths
Pacific Ocean recorded in 1991, they are still
scientists remain a mystery, although the theories for this time was born
abound. Unfortunately, none of them can serve
proof that these sounds are of natural origin like this
wants to introduce academic science for example employees
Federal Office NOAA – National Oceanic Administration
US research.

Since the beginning of the new 2018, scientists have put forward another theory
according to which the frequency and strength of this sweep signal depend on
seasons, for example, in winter, sounds are calmer and more rare, and
spring and autumn are the most active. However, this does not give an exact
explanations that sounds are natural, not artificial

The most plausible version, as the famous
Taiwan ufologist Scott Waring, is the military version of, say,
The US Navy, which clarified that before 1991, the signal
no one heard, in 1994 he was the most “loud” and frequent –
almost all over the Pacific. From this, the military concluded
that the signal emits some kind of device, hence its different
power, and how it is associated with the seasons, is difficult to say.

These are clearly not animals, not whales and not fishes. They are so mysterious.
sound, explains Waring, because otherwise he would have been fixed a lot
earlier. The fact that the sound signal is “heard” by the satellites suggests that,
it is quite possible that it is designed for interstellar alien ships.
And the sound comes, most likely from their underwater bases, this is confirmed by
the military, who determined that its source is on a huge
depth so great that for humanity it is
out of reach. But not for aliens, who in this way
can easily protect themselves from the “curiosity” of earthlings.

But even if we accept the theory of ufologists about aliens, it is not clear
the fact remains that until 1991 the mysterious sound was none of
Ocean researchers did not fix? Where did he suddenly come from?
you can’t say that the aliens arrived on our planet precisely in
that time. That is the origin of the mysterious sounds that are heard
almost everywhere, for example, quite often from the depths
Caribbean remains a mystery to scientists and even to
independent researchers willing to put forward the most daring and
fantastic versions …

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