Pale ghosts flew right in frontcamera

Stephen Lee from the English county of Kent set in one of
rooms own camera house to trace at night for
their french bulldogs. The man suspected that dogs
rampage here in his absence, and in the end he managed to photograph
пару бледных привидений, пролетевших перед camera. Probably,
they make a riot in the living room, which pushed
Britons resort to CCTV.

Mysterious video is rapidly gaining popularity on the Internet.
Many researchers of supernatural phenomena and simple
Network users who familiarize themselves with it claim that it is
about immigrants from the subtle world – afterlife or some other, but these
entities are clearly real, although they are ghostly.

By turning on the entry below, you can see how
прямо перед camera пролетает сперва странный белесый шар, оставляя
behind a bright plume. After that floats above the floor
mysterious figure, vaguely similar to human. Confuse these
anomalies with dust or reflections of light in the windows is impossible.

Stephen Lee explains:

My living room overlooks the garden, and it is possible that sinister phantoms
appear in the dark from there. I have a long time
found scattered things in the room and blamed my household
pets, but now I understand that the dogs here were not
than. I was also surprised that they cross the border, and then run away from
living room, hiding in the corners of the house, and it turns out – they were originally
hiding from these ghosts.

Unfortunately, Stephen did not comment on what he is going to
take in connection with this terrible discovery and how it will live on
in a haunted house. For some reason, Internet users are
interests everyone more …

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