Palestinian Nostradamus by its prophecysurprised residents of Donbass

Ziyad Silvadi is called “Palestinian Nostradamus” is far from
by chance as his prophecies he makes on the basis of sur
Quran, I must say, with amazing accuracy, but sets forth
the future is also foggy, like the medieval French prophet.

That’s why his vision of when the war will end
Donbass, several puzzled residents of Donetsk People’s Republic,
as, by the way, everyone who follows the development of events in this
region or somehow associated with it, for example, live there

The fact is that the Palestinian prophet immediately started talking about America,
that the United States will soon wash away the unprecedented until now
a giant tsunami, and the waves will cover this continent from both
sides – from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

But what does the Donbass have to do with it, the question arises for everyone
who was waiting for a revelation from the Prophet concerning the Donetsk people
Republic, not the United States? However, as it turned out
no contradiction in the Palestinian nostradamus prophecy
was, since the next phrase from the “quatrain” of Ziyad Silvadi to
the funny is simple: when the United States falls, then the war will end
Donbass. Indeed, and to whom it is not clear until now that only
The United States supports the regime Poroshenko, which is beneficial
is this fratricidal war? ..

Well, let’s wait for the “American catastrophe,” especially since
medieval Nostradamus predicted for the year 2017 huge natural
the cataclysms that we are witnessing firsthand. True, America is still
holds, although Houston is already under water …

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