Paper can be the most durable material inthe world

Humanity already uses a lot of paper or regular pulp.
centuries, and its use is the most diverse,
ranging from storing information on it to packaging, jewelry and
etc. However, scientists from Sweden (Royal Technological
Institute), according to the publication EurekAlert !, decided a few
convert paper pulp, creating a material that
Much stronger than the most resistant metal

Using adhesion (inkjet technology in an organization
macroscale fibers, when the particles “slightly increase in
sizes “), Swedish scientists together with their chemical colleagues
from the United States have received the so-called “increased nanofibres”, which
demonstrated such strength that surpassed many
organic polymers and some metal alloys.

The new “paper” turned out to be, for example, eight times harder than
spider silk, which is considered the most durable biomaterial. how
scientists said, even light adhesion can make paper a lot
stronger today, at the same time, based on their invention
create new materials – light and fantastically durable.

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