Parallel worlds not very different fromof our

Sometimes people, unexpectedly for themselves, find themselves in a world that
similar to ours, however, has significant differences. Sometimes their visits
they don’t last long there and people come back so that
the rest of your life is tormented by the questions: where did they go and how
managed to return?

However, it must be assumed that the majority still remain in
parallel world, and otherwise how on earth disappear
Millions of people every year? It happens that people bring us
other worlds that experience the same shock, being in a very
similar, but still a different reality.

How Carol Chase Mac-Elheny fell into a parallel world

In 2006 one Carol Chase Mac-Elheny was returning from Perris
(state of California) in San Bernardino home. On the way, the woman decided
Stop at your hometown, Riverside. And although
Riverside geographically located where it should be, it was
some other city.

So, Carol could not find the house where she grew up and where
still lived her father and mother, as well as the houses of their other
relatives. The woman did not recognize any house in Riverside,
although their numbers, like street names, seemed to be correct. BUT
the cemetery where her grandfather and grandmother rested was fenced
vacant lot, overgrown with weeds.

Maybe Carol just got lost and drove into another city? She is
I would have thought so if I hadn’t found a familiar high school and
college. The woman was briefly in this strange place, depressed
reigned there terrible atmosphere. Riverside residents seemed
some strange, why Carol did not dare to speak to
one of them. She herself believes that in an incomprehensible way
turned out to be in a parallel dimension, where her hometown appeared
dark and sinister …

Of course, this story is impossible to confirm, and when later
Carol arrived at Riverside for her father’s funeral for several years
She came to the familiar city in which she was born and raised. More in
alternative Riverside woman did not fall …

The strange morning of the parallel world of Lerina Garcia

July morning, 2008 41-year-old Lerina Garcia, as always,
woke up in her bed and started a normal day. but
gradually the woman began to discover the small details that
seemed very strange. For example, her pajamas were not like
the night before. Having decided that she messed up something, Lerina
I went to work where I had been working for the last twenty years.
but, оказавшись в своем отделе, она поняла, что этот отдел вовсе
not her, although it is in the same place.

Making sure that something unnatural happens, Lerina
returned home where she found the man with whom she
broke up already six months ago. He behaved like
there was no gap. BUT вот нового избранника Лерины, с
which she lived for four months, was not anywhere. Even hired
a woman, a private detective failed to detect any traces of him (and
equally and relatives of the missing).

This story can be explained by any neurological
disorder, however, Lerina Garcia herself believes that she is awake
that ill-fated morning in a parallel world. Unfortunately miserable
the woman was unable to return “home” and permanently stuck in our
measurement, where still can not get rid of the former

Ramirez Highway, which leads to a parallel world

November 9, 1986, around 11 pm, Spaniard Pedro Oliva
Рамирес, как он утверждает, ехал из Севильи в BUTлькала-де-Гвадаира.
The man was not the first to travel this way and was amazed,
when the road suddenly made a turn: Ramirez found himself on
unfamiliar to him six-lane highway, which was surrounded by some
strange objects. In general, everything that happened was unusual: a man
suddenly he felt warmly and heard voices not far from himself. One of
these voices told Pedro that he teleported to another

Past the men with a clear 8-minute interval drove the old
cars with narrow beige or white unfamiliar rectangles
Ramirez license plate.

About an hour Pedro drove along a mystical highway until he found
left turn. According to the road sign, on this road
можно было добраться до BUTлькалы, Малаги и Севильи. Driver
I moved towards Seville, but was very surprised when
увидел, что почти добрался до BUTлькалы-де-Гвадаиры. Returning he
could not find a crossroads or road signs or direct
six lane highway …

Gadianton Canyon – another portal to the parallel world

In May 1972 four female students at Southern Utah State University
returned from Saturday rodeo, held in Piocha. Crossing over
desert at 10 pm gosline between Utah and Nevada, they
came across a fork. Turning left, the girls soon turned out
in the Gadianton canyon.

Suddenly, instead of dark asphalt, white appeared under the wheels.
cement. The students decided that they had turned wrong, and went
back. Much to their surprise, they saw instead of the desert
yellow pine and cereal fields.

The girls decided to ask for directions in the first cafe, but here
one of them began screaming heart-rending. And no wonder: behind them with
the tops of the hill descended at breakneck speed four unseen
vehicles – ovoid, tricycles and bright
glowing! .. To death the frightened girls rushed back to
canyon, and now white cement has become a dark habitual asphalt, and
the former desert was spread out again.

But the girls were unlucky again: they pierced one tire,
the car skidded and there were traces of three tires on the road.
There was nothing left for the travelers, how to wait for the morning, and then
walk to the 56th highway where they met the soldier of the national

It is clear that this story seems fiction, however it is difficult
explain the traces of the tires left by the Chevy: they broke off just
two hundred meters away in the desert, the girls claimed to have driven
north of the highway over three kilometers.

No material evidence of their amazing journey.
No, except, perhaps, the car cap that has flown off from the wheel –
he was never found. Who knows, maybe he today
lying in the desert of Utah, and maybe in the museum
parallel world …


There are hundreds of such stories, they are told and even printed, and
how many are not told and hidden, those about which people are trying
forget as soon as possible? And if all this does not convince you that
we live at all in the wrong universe, the false information about which we
since childhood, they instill textbooks and taldychat preachers of all
suit, then you only have one thing – to get into the parallel
the world and feel all the “charm” of this transition …

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