Parasite mushroom eats the brain of its victim

Academic science has shown us since early childhood that in this
the world is clear and simple and that there are no secrets in it for a long time
riddles But is it? They are everywhere and everywhere, even seemingly in
most ordinary: for example, in nature there is a fungus, which for
continuation of life must penetrate its sacrifice and eat it

Terrible, is not it? Terribly and amazing! But even more
what seems surprising to us is that Entomophthora muscae and its
fantastic parasitic ability revealed by scientists
University of California just recently – how can one
argue that our world is well studied?

So scientists have followed the life of this unusual fungus and
learned a lot of interesting things. It turns out that Entomophthora
muscae is an excellent hunter, to our happiness, mainly on flies.
Getting into the body of the insect, this parasite for two days
slowly eats his brain, completely subordinating a fly to one task –
find a suitable place to die.

After that the insect flies, actually finds such a place and
dies there with wings raised. It turns out that such a strange posture
flies need a fungus in order to be able to catch the next
sacrifice for its further spread and development.

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