Passenger plane shot on camera a whole flotillaUFO

During the flight, many passengers simply adore
to look out the windows, as they are sailing below (and not habitually
above) the clouds really seem like some kind of fantastic
picture. But if you’re lucky, this little fairy tale can suddenly
burst and really something beyond.

That is what happened to the passenger (the author of the video –
see below), which flew from Vancouver to
Taipei and also admired the clouds. Suddenly … he noticed something
невероятное — целую флотилию UFO, которую мужчина поспешил снять на
video camera of your smartphone. These mysterious spherical balls on
don’t really resemble any kind of natural education, and,
Of course, this cannot be a fleet of terrestrial aircraft.

The operator said that he took it all off shortly before landing.
aircraft in the capital of Taiwan, and he had to do it
quite quickly and unnoticed, since shooting during the flight
possible only with the permission of the crew members – hence the interrupted
the record, as they say, in mid-sentence …

Ufologists and meteorologists find it difficult to answer that this
is it really, maybe some kind of aerostats or
balloons, however, the authorities of Taiwan have not yet commented
inquiry about this, which makes it very difficult for independent
researchers. In our world, they note, sometimes secrets are created.
from scratch because officials don’t like to tell the truth, but also
when they have nothing to say, they are silent too. From here in the world so
a lot of all kinds of conspiracy theories, all kinds of confusion
and fantastic speculation.

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