Passengers plane removed another UFO

Let us note that passengers of airliners increasingly began to take off on
UFO video camera smartphones: either alien activity
whether their interest in such flights has increased since their

Here are the passengers of one of the American airlines, flying over
by the state of Texas, a UFO was shot in the form of a huge glowing triangle.
And the author of this video, who got on the channel “UFOmania –
the truth is there “video hosting YouTube, shot far from a UFO, but beautiful
sunrise, which from the board of the airliner is really amazing
imagination. It turns out that the mysterious object in the sky fell into
The lens is purely random. Perhaps no one would have noticed, but
the camera snatched, that is, objectively shot everything that fell into her
lens. And only then, when I was already watching a video from the solar
panorama, the author realized that he shot a UFO.

Ufologists highly appreciated this video, which, on the one
hand, may serve as additional evidence that
aliens constantly fly somewhere near, and on the other – shows
UFO in some unusual perspective. True, not all users
The Internet has agreed that the ship will definitely hit the video.
aliens This, in their opinion, could be an earthly aircraft
apparatus, for example, the secret aircraft TR-3 “Black Manta”, which
just “burned” in the rays of the rising sun, which made it seem fiery

However, we note that no official data on the existence
�”Black Manta” is not. Some conspiracy theorists claim that if
The Pentagon was armed with such a plane, then the US military
they would have wiped their nose in Russia a long time ago, as they did once with atomic
bomb dropping a couple of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in
intimidation of the Soviet Union. But this is not happening. Therefore
mysterious triangular aircraft allegedly created
Americans may well be of alien origin.

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