Passion around the painting by Leonardo da Vinci�”Savior of the World”

As soon as Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “Salvator Mundi”, the title
которой переведено на русский язык, как �”Savior of the World”, была
auctioned for a fabulous amount of 450 million dollars,
even greater passions flared up around her than they burned to
of this.

Some researchers, including the chief editor of the newspaper
�”President”, a scientist, an excellent analyst and writer Andrei Tyunyaev,
claim that this cloth – a fake.

First, the authors of such a loud statement claim that even
the Russian translation of the name of the painting is not correct or, let’s say,
too loose. �”Salvator Mundi” will rather translate as
�”The Ark of the Mountain.” That is, the author portrayed Jesus Christ as
an ark that carries both male and female sex characteristics.
By the way, from this faith in Europe more and more spreads
mental religious disease and breed lesbians and gays. And even
this alone can serve as confirmation that the painting was not painted
earlier XIX century.

Secondly, in the picture Christ holds a glass ball –
spherical model of our Earth. According to experts, the picture
�Salvator Mundi was written at the end of the 15th century by Leonardo da Vinci himself
died in 1519. However, the work of Nicolaus Copernicus about
the heliocentric system of the world (“On the rotation of the celestial spheres”) was
published only in 1543, moreover, before the Earth
took a spherical shape in the view of scientists, it took
century after this publication of the scientist. After all, pay
attention, Nicolaus Copernicus himself was depicted in the same perspective,
as Christ on Salvator Mundi. At the same time Copernicus holds in his hand
a flat model of the world, and Christ is already spherical, that Leonardo and
Vinci could not just know in principle, and therefore portray.
The spherical model of the Earth became traditional only in the XVIII-XIX
centuries. It is to this period that the writing of the “Savior
of the world “, which implies that the famous Italian artist did not have
to her nothing …

However, such “persuasive” reasoning does not tally with
well-known data that Leonardo da Vinci was drawing drawings
helicopters, submarines, recently, for example, in his drafts
We also found drawings of a modern smartphone, from which some
brave minds even made the assumption that the famous artist and
the scientist was a time traveler. If da Vinci painted in XV
century helicopters that will appear only in the middle of the XX century,
why could he not then depict a spherical Earth?

Anyway, see the video below, on
which the hidden camera filmed the emotions of people viewing the picture
Leonardo da Vinci “Salvator Mundi”. Impression on the audience she
produces, it seems amazing. And although it can not serve
one hundred percent proof that the canvas is genuine, however, and about
it is not very convincing to speak fake somehow …

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