Pensioner captured something strange at nightcemetery

69-year-old Englishman Rob Crabtree from Bradford visited several
ночей назад старинное cemetery возле Тодморденской унитарианской
church in west yorkshire and got there amazing pictures.
Retired, keen on hunting for supernatural phenomena,
photographed the alleged ghosts.

On several frames with gravestones weird
haze clots, at certain moments taken vague
human outlines. The author of the photo is convinced that he captured the perfume of Sarah
Agnes and her spouse James Davenport, who died at the age of 50 and 55
respectively, and buried here in the 20s of the last century.

You can be skeptical of the afterlife,
however, Rob Crabtree’s photos are great. They like
identified by experts, are authentic, but what really is
them, obscure ghosts or some other energy clots –
it’s up to you and only you, dear readers. However, what can
быть нечто необъяснимое на cemetery?..

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