Pensioner claims to have photographedfairies

Debbie Garland, 55, from Beverly, England
claims to be walking in the park recently and stumbled across
на десяток fairies.

Mythical creatures circled above the earth, disappearing into the vegetation
and reappearing from there. The woman took out her cell phone and
photographed this amazing sight. Fairies at the same moment
flew away, but in the picture obtained by the pensioner,
imprinted two blurry light silhouette. Debbie says:

When I looked at this photo, I realized that on him, to
Unfortunately, only the legs and knees of these magical
creatures. If you look closely, you can even notice
ankles These are fairies, just telling you. How to Din-Din from a fairy tale about
Peter Pan. My son says that these are just rays of light,
making their way through the leaves, but how would he know that? Its there at all
did not have. He saw nothing of what I saw. Pity that
imperfect smartphone camera could not capture more. Or
Are these fairies themselves spoiled my pictures with their witchcraft? And skeptics
free to think anything, only I know exactly what I saw
тогда в парке настоящих сказочных fairies…

If Debbie Garland were the only person who saw
этих маленьких мистических созданий — fairies? But this is happening
around and everywhere – and quite often. А вот снять fairies или гномов,
especially on the video, it is rarely possible. Maybe british
rights, and these magic creations of their witchcraft really
fascinate a person, not allowing him to remember at that moment about
camera, and the most agile operators – just spoil the photo
and videos …

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