Penza cemetery mysteriously notdecompose the dead

At one of the graves, Penza made an unexpected and rather
frightening discovery.

Local undertakers, burying deceased relatives in some and
the same graves sounded the alarm. They noticed that the dead,
those who have been in the earth for years have not mysteriously decomposed.
Instead, the bodies turn into a kind of wax
figures that look almost like living people. Cemetery staff
frightened and do not know what to do in such a situation.

Each of us is well aware of such a deadly phenomenon as
mummification when the body with good ventilation and dry climates
dry out and completely lose moisture, why not decompose. Here
something is going on in a cold and humid climate
the opposite – the dead in the Penza cemetery turn into so
called fatty wax, or adipocir. This uniform and slightly
the substance shining in a section reminds solid fat in appearance. She is
practically does not emit any odors and melts at high

The phenomenon itself is in the pathological anatomy of the name of saponification,
or saponification, and applies to late cadaver processes.
It is formed with high humidity and lack of air.
which are sometimes found in such clay soils. In these
under conditions of putrefactive processes stop in the corpse, and the organs and
dead tissue is soaked with water. Fat is formed
mainly in the muscles, skin, subcutaneous tissue and bones, and
sometimes in the internal organs. The external shape of the viscera is often
preserved, and under a microscope in some places you can find tissue with a good
preserved structure.

One of the undertakers reports:

Even after five years in the land, the dead look here.
fresh, almost pink-cheeked, as if they had only been buried
yesterday. This is a very strange phenomenon, we have never met before.
nothing like this.

Some local diggers admit that they are a little uncomfortable
from such a find. By the way, in medieval Europe, when detected
like corpses they were believed to belong to witches or
sorcerers, able to wake up at any time. Such remains as
it is not difficult to guess then burned.

Could this be the reason why the local soil creates favorable
conditions for the saponification of corpses? Quite possible. Penza journalists
also suggest that preservatives could lead to saponification,
which modern man uses in large quantities.
However, in this case, all the modern dead should
to turn into such “fresh” corpses, but so far strange
the phenomenon is seen only on this Penza churchyard. And here it is
a real mystery to scientists …

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