People are not afraid of spiders by any chance.

However, spiders are not loved and not only people are afraid, but many
animals (see this funny video below). But why so
is going on? After all, dangerous poisonous spiders are not found everywhere, and people
ready to faint from fear even at the sight of a small
harmless spider. Not all, of course, but even the most “brave”
with these arthropods, if not with fear, then with some
disgust and disgust.

Scientists at the University of California located in
the American city of Santa Barbara, conducted an interesting experiment and
concluded that fear of spiders is an evolutionary defensive
the mechanism of animals, which includes man. Researchers
invited a group of students to view plain graphic text,
in which from time to time flashed images needle for subcutaneous
injection, fly and spider. So, 15 percent of the participants
the experiment noticed the needle, only 5 percent – a fly, but the spider
– more than 70 percent of subjects.

Spiders existed on our planet, according to scientists who
find their remains in coal deposits, another half a billion
years ago, that is, long before a man appeared on Earth, and
most of them at that distant time were poisonous, thanks
what these arthropods have survived to this day. Therefore animals, in
the course of evolution, developed a strictly defined reaction to the appearance
spiders – it’s dangerous! And although in our time poisonous arthropods are not
so many, several hundred people die from their bites every year
on the ground.

By the way, why are some people not afraid of spiders, not afraid
also snakes? This question has a more or less intelligible answer.
give esoterics, who believe that, according to the theory of reincarnation,
On Earth, souls are born not only of former earthlings, but also
representatives of other planets of our infinite universe. therefore
these “foreign guests” are simply unconsciously unaware of the danger
spiders and snakes. True, it remains a mystery why in this case
Does gene memory work? Or do these “aliens” and a different genome?
After all, none of the geneticists have not studied this issue, and even if there were
those who will let them inform the general public
such “unscientific” data? ..

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