People in overalls pull out againmermaid …

If in ancient times mermaids were often met in the seas and oceans,
they say, they even caught it, but today Internet users can
contemplate only the troupe thrown to the seashore, something
resembling humanoids with tails instead of legs.

But no, they also come across videos, in which strange people in
overalls are pulling out of the waters of the mermaids, apparently already dead,
however, again with no doubt tails, probably in order to
Network users did not confuse the mermaid and ordinary drowned.
Currently, another such viral is being distributed on the Web.
video in the “mermaid plot” (see video).

It was shot allegedly in Minnesota (a specific place is not
indicated), the video itself is accompanied by something like this
comment (on different sites of the English-language Internet, it is somewhat
is different):

One person in protective clothing is dragging a strange creature with
silver tail (for some reason, fairy-tale movies
Disney), while the other is clearly preparing the network. When men in
overalls put the mysterious creature ashore, distinctly
even the scales of this humanoid are seen …

True, this video and ends. The authors complain that
that people in yellow protective clothing noticed the operator, causing him
you have to hide behind the stones, stopping the shooting. What’s next –

An ordinary joke, skeptics immediately exclaim, but many
this video is seen in a completely different light: too much
believable, even too …

Recall that something similar was shot two years ago in Warsaw, where
same strange people in protective overalls (only in white and
it was their number more) allegedly pulling a mermaid from the Vistula. Mayor
Warsaw Yaroslav Yuzyakov then even gave an interview to journalists
explaining how they caught these fabulous creatures, however in actual fact
it turned out that the capital of Poland was just preparing for the festival
the culture in which such an interesting one was filmed
costumed video.

Maybe something like this happens in Minnesota because
so playing out Internet users is too expensive,
which only professionals can do? From here and relatively
high quality shooting, and some credibility, and even beautiful
invented intrigue with the detection of the operator …

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