Peter Bergmann – Time Traveler orstrange suicide?

June 16, 2009 in the Irish village of Rosses Point was
found the corpse of a man aged 55-65 years. For 5 previous
days this individual was in the city of Sligo, staying at
local hotel. He used the pseudonym Peter Bergmann, however
his real name has not been established yet. Have employees
law enforcement agencies have the impression that this person
appeared here literally from nowhere.

Time traveller?

He did not have documents with him, any labels and barcodes.
have been removed from personal items. Fingerprint man
Identification also failed. Body photos for a long time
spun on the news, but there was no one who could identify
of the deceased. Bergmann has almost no contact with others, and rare
eyewitnesses to his stay at the hotel were able to tell the police only
what mysterious stranger spoke to significant German

The investigation into the death continued for months, but the police
failed to make any progress in the case. At first about it
the mysterious incident was not known outside of Ireland, but in
recent years, it is very interested in Internet users.
Enthusiasts put forward many versions of what happened, right up to
of the fact that Bergmann was a time traveler or came from
parallel world whose personality in our reality is just to reveal
is impossible. In 2014, the documentary “Last
Peter Bergmann’s Days ”, which discusses various theories about
the origin and death of a man, including fantastic and

Rather mysterious suicide

Bergmann paid the cash everywhere that today is big
a rarity for Europe. He purchased at the nearest post a few
parcel marks, but the guardians of the law could not determine
took a man by them or not. Surveillance cameras spotted that,
while dining at a cafe, this man took out some papers from his pocket,
I read them, tore them up and threw them into an urn. Unfortunately, the trash managed
to take away, and the fragments of the mysterious notes were irrevocably

Bergmann several times got on CCTV, but
the police, when they studied the records in detail, suddenly realized that a man
methodically used the “blind spots”, that is, more often moved
in those places of the city where there were no recording devices. Any
since he was leaving the hotel, carrying the full purple package, however back
returned empty-handed. Perhaps he is in any way
I got rid of the contents of the bag and hid it in my pocket. Known
that before his death, the man spoke to the taxi driver and found out whether
nearby quiet and deserted beach where you can be alone
to swim.

June 16 at 6:45 am Bergmann’s naked body was found on the very
the beach. His clothes were scattered along the shore. Medical examiners
determined that the death of a man was due to drowning,
however, she was not violent. Although unknown
looked good for his age, his state of health before
death, as it turned out, was deplorable. He suffered from
progressive prostate cancer and bone tumors and also did not have
one kidney and suffered several heart attacks. Any drugs
drug or medical, not detected in his body
It was.

Perhaps this middle-aged sick man decided to part with
life, attracting as little attention as possible. However,
There are many unresolved issues. Why he systematically destroyed
traces of their existence? Why did no one recognize it
man? Even if he had no family, he probably should have
be neighbors, colleagues or acquaintances. Information about the deceased was transferred to
Interpol, which in turn distributed it in Germany,
Austria and other German speaking countries, however this did not bring
no results …

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