�”Petrified Dragon” found on satellite photosMauritania

Virtual archaeologists viewed satellite imagery
West African state of Mauritania and unexpectedly discovered
among the desert in the east of the country mysterious education
suspiciously similar to the remains of a 9.5-kilometer creature.
Experts believe that before us fossil dragon.

According to the researchers, the intriguing find is indeed
similar to its structure on the fossilized corpse of some kind of snake-like
creatures weighing over 13 tons. The outlines of the object resemble in
some places tail, belly, spiked neck and head with an elongated
massive snout. Even the former eye of the creature is visible.

Of course, flying snake-like reptiles capable of spewing
the flame is considered to be mythical creatures, but in the past
years, alternative specialists are increasingly saying that dragons
could exist in reality. Someone even claims that
they are found on Earth to this day.

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