Phantom face found on the old photo frommaternity hospital

One of the users of “Reddit” published in the section of the site,
dedicated to the paranormal, mysterious and frightening
snapshot. According to the man, he went through photos from
family archive and at some point drew attention to the frame with
an image of his newborn uncle. Baby imprinted in
maternity hospital, crying at the hands of the nurse. However, our hero
interested and surprised by a completely different detail, fixed on
old photo.

Suddenly, the nephew noticed that in the picture of his uncle a certain
an ephemeral image that cannot be confused with anything else: this
outlines of a woman’s face! Is this a ghost? And so
counted a man. However, who may own this mysterious
phantom? Maybe one of the deceased relatives decided to look at
baby from the dead? What if it is someone’s
malevolent spirit? No wonder there is a belief that in the first
days after birth many people are very vulnerable to devilry, and
their bodies may try to take possession of various disembodied entities
from the subtle world, eager to regain their lives in our material
the world.

However, in reality, things may not be so terrible.
Many World Wide Web users found quite simple and
logical explanation of the scary picture. According to skeptics,
the child was behind the glass, and before us is just a reflection
Some women in this very glass. Most likely, we are talking about
mother boy or nurse.

However, if the doubters are still wrong, and this is in fact
was someone’s spirit, it remains to hope that he did not wish the child evil.
Unfortunately, the nephew does not give any details about his
uncles, for example, how his fate later developed, whether he is alive
now. And this could shed at least some light on the mysterious
photo with a ghost …

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