Phantom girl-sweet tooth got on camera

Children, as you know, are very fond of sweets. However, many of us
for sure they didn’t guess that even after death, babies may not
leave their taste preferences. At least so
claims the owner of a pastry shop in English
Somerset county. According to the British, he got a ghost
little girl who, among other things, regales
sweets at night when there are no people in the building.

Myles Parker, whose store is located in Taunton, reports that
Don’t ask to take his word for it. An entrepreneur would not
the wholeheartedness of declaring these supernatural phenomena if
They did not hit a few days ago on a security camera.
The device took two pictures, which clearly imprinted
paranormal activity in the pastry shop. The lens does not hit
only coming from the next world, but also her manipulations with sweets. TO
Unfortunately, the video equipment in the store does not remove. Photos like
reportedly were received at 1:08 at night.

Phantom activity in a historic building

The first photo shows a translucent whitish silhouette.
a little girl with curly lush hair and an outfit dress.
The second image shows a jar of candy, spontaneously hovering
in the air. Myles Parker believes that most often the phantom is
invisible – then he is the boss in the shop. However sometimes
the ghost of the baby, apparently, briefly materialized in
our world, and one of those moments was captured by the camera.

The store owner told reporters the tabloid “Daily
Star “:

This building was built in the sixteenth century and
originally used by the monks of Taunton. Recently, we
observed here a lot of unexplained incidents. We are opening
locked doors, in the empty corridor, someone’s footsteps are periodically audible.
TOаждую ночь из магазина пропадает немного конфет. We first
assumed that we had bred mice, but then it turned out that
even lollipops disappear from tightly closed cans. If they so
like the spirit, I, of course, do not mind. However, my sellers are very
worried and scared. At the beginning of the month one girl even quit
because of this.

The businessman also remembered what was in this building before

Previously, there was a pub for sailors and military. TO
we were somehow visited by their former visitors, who said that in
the pub also happened once mysterious things. For example, circles
by themselves fell from the bar, and the tables and chairs were folded
at night in the middle of the hall in the form of a pyramid. But there were adults there.
hardened men, and women often come to us and
children. If they notice or feel something in the store
strange, then rush to leave. This, of course, is bad for business.
We may have to look for a specialist to banish it.
the mischievous spirit – the little child ghost. Sorry for him
a little, what can you do …

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