Phantom man in a hood scaredamerican driver

If you drive in the dark almost through the wilderness
completely empty road, and even are alone in the car, your
imagination can start to play evil jokes with you. However,
researchers of supernatural phenomena argue that
motorists in fact often notice on the endless tracks
various anomalies, and sometimes frightening guests from the thin world.
One of these stories happened long ago in America.

Regular subcontractor Chris Fortofer is forced out of duty
constantly ride the truck from Dayton (Ohio) to Pittsburgh
(PA) and back. As a rule, a man leaves at 10 pm
and returns back to his hometown at 3:30 in the morning. Night work
as, incidentally, the nightly deserted track quite suits Chris.
The American has been engaged in such trips for the past 7 years, and before that
He knew no problems, but a few weeks ago
something strange happened on this path.

The first meeting with the mysterious man in the hood

Fortofer says he was already returning to Dayton and found himself
at about 1am on I-70. Suddenly, our hero noticed on
the side of a man whose head was hidden by a hood. Faces stranger
could not be considered. Even from a distance, the driver realized that the individual
the road is strangely moving. There were no other cars nearby.
The weather was good, but walking alone at night
desert road, even in good weather – the phenomenon itself

When the car’s headlights lit up the mysterious figure, Chris unexpectedly
realized that an unknown person hovers in a couple of tens of centimeters
above the ground! Moreover, our hero noticed that a stranger
there were no hands and feet, and instead of the face there was an ominous
darkness. You would have thought that someone had invisible put on blue
jeans and a brown hoodie or these garments
spontaneously floated through the air.

The driver did not have time to wonder how he drove past the mysterious
silhouette. Turning around, Portofer suddenly saw his right shoulder
the figures in the hood twitch back and forth with incredible speed.
That was when Chris got really scared. He gave by gas, and
the sinister figure was soon left behind. Seeing on the wrong side
another truck, our hero contacted him by radio (on the waves
civilian range) and asked if anyone had a road.

The second meeting with a mysterious man in the hood

The answer was no. The American even talked about what happened.
employee at a nearby gas station, however, he said that
I’ve never seen anything like it here. Of course, the man is not
then began to look for another way from Dayton to Pittsburgh. is he
would safely forget about this case if a couple of weeks ago on
again, the same section of the same route did not happen to him
inexplicable phenomenon from which the driver stood on end hair on

This time the figure in the hood literally jumped onto the road from
bushes and landed right under Chris’s truck. Fortofer was scared that
knocked down a pedestrian, and stopped the car. However, no corpse under
wheels were not there. The stranger, apparently, just
dissolved in the air. Fortofer long sought what happened
rational explanation like teenage jokers or optical
illusions, however, could not convince himself that no mysticism
was not here.

Now the American is just afraid to ride alone on this road at night.
and already seriously thinking about changing jobs. Considering, he says,
that nothing random happens in this life, what a sign is given
him in the form of a ghost in a creepy hood? And does not find the answer …

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