Phantom materialized in the historic pubface

A man who recently visited the historic pub “The Old Fish
Market “in the English city of Bristol, claims to have removed there
something supernatural.

25-year-old Tom Evans says he rested in this pub
in the evening and, slowly sipping beer, talked on the phone with a friend.
A friend of our hero at some point asked him
take a picture of the interior of the bar, and Tom fulfilled this request.
Looking at the next day the resulting picture, which he sent
buddy, the Briton was confused and even some fright.

Посреди посетителей паба оказалось бледное женское face,
not too high above the floor. However, Evans is ready
swear that at the time of shooting there was no one there, especially in
such a strange position and with such an unusual appearance. Author
mysterious photo tells:

I poured melancholy in “The Old Fish Market” on March 10 after
England lost to France in rugby in the Six Nations Cup. a friend of mine
encouraged me on the phone and then asked to take a picture
a pub to remember how this place looks from the inside. He was not
here a long time ago. I sent him a picture and forgot about it, but on
the next day inadvertently glanced at the image and saw this
devilry. I’ve always been a man of open mindedness and never
denied the existence of the supernatural, but this is the first time
I have encountered something similar in person. By the way, with me then in
the drinking was a pair of my fellow students. I showed them to another
day this shot and they assured me that they didn’t see that evening either
this strange woman. Where did she come from and where
gone? ..

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