Phantom silhouette captured at nighttrail

23-year-old Englishman Toby, who wished to keep his secrets
full name and place of residence, shared with users of “Reddit”
awesome snapshot. The man says that he was returning to
четверг, 29 ноября, с работы и проходил по грязевой trail под
lonely lantern. Looking at a certain point in front of us, our
the hero suddenly noticed something strange in the light of a street light bulb.
A translucent pale figure has grown near the path.

According to the British, the mysterious whitish silhouette, who had
vague human outlines, hesitated slightly in place, as if
stuck between two dimensions. That is exactly what Toby thought: he became
witness the appearance of a native of the thin world! Our hero got
a smartphone and managed to take a picture of the anomaly once before
scattered in the cold air like a clot of steam. Surprised
the man hurried through the green tunnel near which
the intended ghost materialized, and headed home.
There he immediately downloaded the resulting image to the World
spider web

Many users of “Reddit” have agreed that we have a frame with
depicting phenomena of supernatural nature. No wonder
they say that the border between ours and the otherworldly worlds has
property from time to time to get thin, and we get the opportunity
see what is there. It is possible that residents of the afterlife
reality can also watch us in these moments. However,
Toby may have met the spirit of the restless soul – one of those who
for some unknown reason, linger in our world after death
frightening people from time to time people are most likely not even
intentionally …

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