Photo of a mysterious humanoid in the forest interestedboth ufologists and cryptozoologists

A mysterious and frightening photo surfaced in the World Wide Web,
received a few years ago, but interested
researchers of supernatural phenomena just now.

Numerous ufologists, conspiracy and ghostbusters
suddenly realized that this is a very interesting frame that requires detailed
studying. However, each specialist began to pull, so to speak,
a blanket over himself, claiming the essence captured in the picture
is one of the objects of his research. What is it all the same
was: snowman, a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization or
ephemeral come from the thin world?

The image was taken by an unknown American who
I went in the fall to hunt deer and found myself deep in the forest
more often. Suddenly, he saw between the trunks of bushes something alive and
large. The man thought that it was a deer, threw it up
a gun and was getting ready to fire. However, after looking better,
he suddenly realized that before him was far from an artiodactic, and
he felt his hair moving on his head. There stood on
hind legs hunched humanoid creature gray suit. Him
there was a big head with two big black holes

Despite the horror, our hero found the courage
get a cell phone and take a picture of it once
mysterious creature. Then he slowly turned and walked away,
feeling his back gape. The main thing in this case –
don’t turn around and see, it’s not for nothing that many fairy tales
such a weakness led the hero to death …

An American has uploaded this photo to the Internet before, but it’s up to
This time for some reason has not received much spread. Now same
with the filing of researchers paranormalschiny, ominous frame circled
many web resources. Skeptics argue that it is about
bizarre hemp, which caused from such a successful angle
paradolic illusion, or even mounting. They certainly have
the right to own opinion, however, sitting at home in front of the screen
computer to question the mystic and talk about fake not
too complicated. Professionals have a completely different opinion, at least
at least, they say, a genuine photo, but what is on it is a mystery …

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